• Reducing the planning time by up to 50%.
  • Improvement in meeting OTD commitments by 5%-20%. 
  • Controlling the availability of raw materials and goods in the production process
  • Data-informed decision-making based on production-line availability and workload.
  • Maintaining the plan’s stability, integrity, reliability, and transparency for the entire organization
  • Return on investment (ROI) within one year

This demo includes fully operational version of Planit for impression purposes. The demo includes a local SQLite database, in order to save the need for a more robust database such as MS SQL or ORACLE usually used in commercial applications. The demo allows you to experience the basic workflows in Planit, the various data views, and the user experience.

This install procedure is based on Microsoft ClickOnce technology. If your browser does not support this installation method, you will have to install a Chrome AddOn.

If you have previously installed Planit software you can run it directly
from here or from the desktop.

You can also download a complete Planit folder
with all its components from here.

Fill out the form for a demo version