Our great challenge is to meet the special needs of each of our customers and provide a tailored solution for them.
We have experience with more than 50 clients in various industrial fields in Israel and abroad. We maintain direct and close contact from the stage of characterization and establishment of the system, and then in the ongoing operation. Planit is not a system of “fire and forget” but a system that will accompany you for many years and adapt itself to changes in production and planning processes as required from time to time. We will always maintain personal attention and escort you long after the initial starting up, as evidenced by our longstanding customers.

Planit since 2008 is planning the central trucks distribution of finished goods from the “Central Bottling Company’s production plants” – “Coca Cola” (located in Bnei Brak, Ashkelon, Givat Haim, Kiryat Shmona) to the logistic centers all over Israel.

The production plant in Bnei Brak manufactures 24/7 and has limited storage space. Therefore, goods should be removed continuously to avoid bottlenecks when loading the trucks. Logistics centers are also limited in arrival times and in the pace. In addition, travel times, traffic jams, dynamic requirements list, driver shift times and more should be considered.
Planit works in interface with truck detection systems and real-time updates of expected arrival times.

A weekly work schedule for employees at all McDonald’s branches in Israel since 2008.

The application is in integration with Ovdimnet’s Atenix system.

The planning takes into consideration various constraints and preferences: labor laws, employee requests, absences, training and more.

Data management is performed online. Planit works with in a secured manner with this database.

Ovdimnet, provides comprehensive solutions for all aspects of employee attendance management: project reports, hourly wage analysis, quantity reports, price management, hourly analysis of client contracts, and also planning and arranging work.

Tama Plastic Industries in Kibbutz Mishmar Ha’emek – is the first customer working with Planit continuously since 2002! Tama has additional operating sites in Gilead, Alon Tabor, Poland, Hungary, and Italy – all are working with Planit.

Over the years, the company has replaced ERP systems, programming and floor computing nevertheless  kept working with Planit  – which we are very proud of!
Planit initially planned the extrusions department, and several years ago the system was expanded to other production sites as well as to the weaving and knitting departments. Production planning is carried out on a daily basis with full interface to the Oracle Applications information system and in full cooperation with the IT Dept.

Planit schedules dozens of resources and hundreds of tasks simultaneously, based on delivery dates, product adjustments, downtime, special features of Machines and more.

Herzliya Studios produce and photograph TV programs for the leading channels.

Eemployees assigning in the TV departments is done by Planit from 2003.

Work planning is done on a weekly basis, following daily updates are made to approximately 60 employees in various professions.

The system includes the definition of the parent tasks (shifts) and the list of roles required to be assigned to them.
The professional requirements for each task, employee preferences, absences, etc. are considered. The database is MS-SQL-based and has no connection to external systems.
Shifts are automatically entered based on a constant pattern in the planner’s control. Planit works in two data editing stations simultaneously, and offers view and issue reports at additional stations.

Another Planit application in the Herzliya studios is available for the editing rooms and the editors are assigned according to availability and task settings.

There are three production sites in Israel to Genigar across three production as well as number of sites and subsidiaries around the world.
The company manufactures plastic sheets for greenhouses, reservoirs and other uses, as well as meshes for agriculture and other applications.

Planit serves as the main planning tool for the production departments in the manufacturing plants, starting in 2013 alongside the Priority ERP.

The Production Planning and Control team plans collectively the work of the factory, following department managers can see and if needed repair the planning and updates to the work queues according to appropriate permissions.

Due to the production difference at the Ginegar site, compared to the production sites in Nir Yitzhak and Naot Mordechai, the system was operated differently from these sites.
The system is used simultaneously by 15 different people.

aran packing

“Aran Flexible Packaging”, located at Kibbutz Nachshon, produces flexible packaging for storing liquids in a box, mainly for the food industry, for various concentrates and other liquids used in the industry.

Planit is operating since 2013, alongside the Priority information system in interface with Emerald’s floor computing system.

Planit serves as the main tool for planning and scheduling production operations in the plant.

The system is also installed at the Aran plants in Spain and the USA.

Polymer Logistics

Polymer Logistics develops and manufactures logistics solutions, which are used while maximizing the supply chain – from the manufacturer through the supplier and finally the marketing chains.

The package that is created serves as a logistics package in the supplier’s production system, as well as a transport unit in the supply chain and finally as a display unit (shelf replacement) in the retail chain store.

The Planit application has been working since 2020 alongside the Priority Software information system

The Kargal Packaging Factory from the Plasto-Sack Group manufactures printed bags and packages for the food industry and other applications.

Planit has been operating since 2010 alongside the Priority ERP,  which serves the Production Planning and Control department and assists in the organization of job queues, while providing detailed information regarding the nature of the product, levels of inventory and availability of materials.

Planit schedules in Maman company Employees shifts since 2004. 
Planning a week in advance assigning hundreds of workers in various professions. During the week, Planit uses several workstations for daily updates and changes.

The database includes the definition of master tasks (shifts) and the list of requirements for employees assigning.
Planit takes into consideration professional requirements for each task, position, employee preferences, absences and more.

An independent database-based MS-SQL server. Shifts are automatically entered based on a constant pattern in the planner’s control. The system is linked to the organization’s personnel systems for the purpose of establishing new employees and closing the employees who left.

BTL Blade Technology manufactures jet engine blades for parent company Pratt & Whitney and other companies.

The production process begins with forging technology using a number of stages, and continues with advanced machining and other complex processes.

Planit works alongside the Priority ERP, and serves the Production Planning and Control departments in forming the monthly plan based on the list of open orders, inventory levels in the process and product data, the product tree and the operations in the production process.

Planit has been operating since 2015, with fully automatic scheduling.

Kafrit plant produces quality additives for the plastics industry in Israel and worldwide. 

Production processes include mixers for preparation of materials, extrusion and packing.

Planit serves the Production Planning and Control department since  2017 alongside the Oracle Applications ERP, and has implemented a raw material control model.


Planit is installed in the Tadbik plants are located in Gush-Segev since 2016. 

The Tadbik factory manufactures printed labels for a variety of products for industries such as food, cosmetics and more.

The Tadbik-Peck factory prepares labels for beverages and a variety of other products.

Planit works alongside the floor computing system of Kontel Ltd., and serves the Production Planning and Control department in both plants for the purpose of organizing the queues and determining the order of work.
This application is partially automatic as per customer’s demands.

The “Nave Machining” plant produces various metal parts for various uses, which are characterized by great complexity and special precision requirements according to the demands of its customers.Planning is carried out by Planit starting in 2018 alongside the Oren ERP information system.

Planning of the production of injection departments (plastics) at the Rion plant since 2004.

Planit schedules production planning which is performed on a daily basis.

The factory has dozens of injection machines and other machines with dozens of tasks in line. The queue order is made based on required delivery times, downtime, product adjustments, and depreciation reduction. A database linked to the Oracle Applications information system and the production floor.

The Orda Print factory deals with data printing (digital printing machines), billing pages of the credit card companies, information papers of income tax and national insurance, banks and more.

Planit has been operating since 2012, serving the Production Planning and Control department and working alongside the Priority ERP.

Planit enables manual and automatic placement according to the planning processes that were characterized.

Planit has been implemented in the Ytong plant since 2011 in a variety of applications. 

Planning the distribution and dispatch of trucks from 2011 for the two production sites in Pardes Hanna and Ashkelon.

Day-to-day planning of orders and their integration according to regions and destinations. A direct link from Planit to the reservation system in the ERP One1.

The Layout screen shows the planner the tasks in different colors according to regions or according to the urgency of the order. It is possible to plan shipping rounds based on matching the truck to the task and the required capacity in volume or weight.

Production planning in the production departments of the Pardes Hanna plant since 2012.

Detailed planning of the production at various stages, taking into consideration the sequence of operations and the meanings derived from dependence. Planit is connected to the ERP One1 workflows. In addition, Planit gets real online data from the production floor.

The DPL factory at Kibbutz Amir in the north of Israel manufactures diapers for adults, wipes and other toiletries. The plant is part of the Neopharm group and is marketed by Promedico.

Production planning is carried out from 2017 using Planit alongside the Priority information system. The system is used by the Production Planning and Control department as well as the purchasing department, while closely using the raw material control module.

Tuboplast manufactures plastic tubes and aluminum for the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceuticals and other uses.

Production processes include extrusions for the creation of the handset and additional operations such as printing, stamping, packaging, and more.

Planit works alongside the M3 ERP since 2016. Planit serves the Production Planning and Control department as well as the marketing department for the purpose of delivery and containerization.

This application is unique for the combination of planning and allocation of raw materials and materials produced according to the expected production timing, the status of purchase orders and existing inventory.

Carmel Frenkel produces high quality printed cardboard packages, display stands and other printed products on cardboard.

The manufacturing process consists of many operations, from the printing stage through lamination, cutting, folding, pasting, packaging and more.

Planit serves both the representatives of Production Planning and Control

departments and the customer service representatives in receiving a new order and providing an expected delivery date.

Planit operates from 2016 alongside the M3 information system.

Production planning at the Plasson plant at Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael since 2008.

Planit works alongside an Oracle Application Information System, integrating with the system’s production module.
Planit is used by several departments of a different planning type.
The Production Planning and Control department monitors the planning and assists in determining the expected delivery times of the various orders, in addition to the ERP , Planit is also interfaces the floor computing systems that report on the actual production situation and progress.

The Sanlakol-Yachin plant, located in the Alon Tavor industrial zone near Afula, manufactures canned fruits and vegetables, tomato concentrates, sauces prepared for salads and pasta, concentrates for drinking, vinegar and lemon juice for seasoning.

The products marketed by Sanlakol are self-made and are based on local agricultural crops.

Planit system has been operating since 2019 alongside Priority’s information system.

In this application, Planit manufactures production requirements according to the sales forecasts and schedules the requirements on the production lines.

In addition, there is also the use of the raw materials control module and the planning of purchase orders for raw materials.

Planit serves as the main tool for planning, coordinating and scheduling production operations at the plant.

Tadbik C.L.P manufactures flexible food packaging:
bag or roll (end of process at customer)

Production processes includes printing, lamination, cutting and bags.

Planit operates alongside the Information System (AS400) since 2017.
Planit serves the Production Planning and Control department and the results serves the purchase material department as well as the marketing factors in the plant for the purpose of delivery and containerization.

In this application there is also a combination of planning module and the allocation of raw materials and materials produced according to the expected production timing, the status of purchase orders and existing inventory.

An additional module that exists in this application is the determination of a guaranteed date according to the expected production loads.

In the Tzemach Mixtures plant, the distribution and delivery of finished goods trucks is scheduled by Planit since 2003.

Planning several times, a day, the number of trucks, dozens of tasks a day. Planning of the dividing lines for a truck taking into consideration truck’s capacity, the location of the unloading points, customer preferences, downtime, balance between drivers and more.

The system was built in a direct interface to the Priority database and consolidates the orders received.


MIS Implants Technologies is a global company which specializes in dental implant and superstructure production.

The company’s production process is composed of many different stages.

MIS implemented Planit solution in order to automate the process of scheduling of work orders to appropriate production machines, based on pre-defined set of constraints, so that every work order will meet its required due date.

MIS uses Planit as a control tool for the entire production process:
the production work plan can be viewed in graph or Gantt chart, including future work load analysis, and any changes to this plan can be applied quickly and easily.

There are two production companies located in Kibbutz Kfar Masaryk.

Ducart Packaging Company manufactures carton packaging including printing, cutting, lamination and assembly processes.

Evergreen packaging manufactures cardboard packaging for liquids including advanced printing and soldering processes.

The Ducart Group has one Planit application that is compatible with both companies.

The application runs from 2019 alongside Priority’s information system and interfaces also with Contel MES system which controls the production floor.

Planit serves as the main tool for coordinating production operations in the plants.

The Yamaton packaging& building solutions plant produces a wide range of products based on honeycomb cardboard, foams and additional materials for various industries in various processing and finishing.

The production process consists of a number of steps and most of the production is performed as per customer orders.

Planit was implemented by Tirosh Computer Systems in 2019, alongside the Priority Information System.

Ronopolidan is a global leader in packaging solutions.
The company supplies broad range of flexible packaging products into the food, beverage, healthcare, home and personal care packaging industries.
Planit operates alongside the Priority Information System from 2020. The system is used by the Department of production planning
This application was first implemented by Rotlein company.

Planning of injection molding (plastics) production at the Starplast plant since 2020.

Production planning in Planit software is performed on a daily basis.

In the factory there are dozens of injection molding machines and other machines with dozens of tasks in line.

The queue arrangement is done based on required delivery times, downtime, product adjustments, while reducing depreciation.

A database is linked to the Priority Information System and the Sysmetrics production floor system.

Alliance Tire Group factory in Hadera, now part of the Japanese Yokohama Group, manufactures tires mainly for trucks, tractors and heavy equipment.

The multi-stage production process and product tree contains dozens of ingredients.

Production planning in all departments is carried out on a daily basis, incorporating an MRP mechanism and an automatic inlay developed by Planit for Alliance.

The Planit system replaced a large number of Excel files that were used alongside the BPCS information system, starting in 2019.

BERMAD manufactures and assembles comprehensive customized water control solutions for the control and management of water supply.

Bermad has subsidiaries that manufacture and market its products all over the world, from Australia through Europe to America in 85 countries.

The company’s production processes consist of various processes that also include machining, paint, assembly and testing processes, some of which are manual and some of which are automatic.

The Planit application has been working since 2020 alongside the Oracle Application information system.

Bio Bi Sde Eliyahu produces and grows insects for biological pesticides. The growing process includes various stages in habitats / greenhouses.

The design of the production / growth is very special and therefore received a visually and flexibly unique response using Planit.

The Planit application has been working since 2020 alongside the Priority Software ERP using API technology.

The Shalag factory is located in Kibbutz Shamir and produces non-woven fabric.

Priority is the information system used.

Planit replaced a manual planning mechanism, with a very short implementation of total 12 days.

The plant uses Planit software from April 2020.

The Middle East tube Company -Tzinorot, part of the Gaon Holdings Group, is engaged in the manufacture of large and main pipes for water flow in Israel using various technologies of metal, concrete and plastic.

The company has a number of subsidiaries, such as: Plasim, Palgal, Medi Vered, Hakohav.

Today, the production site is in Nir Zvi, and a newer factory in Neot Hovava is currently being established.

The Planit application has been working since 2020 alongside the Priority Software ERP using API technology.

Sano is the leading Israeli company that manufactures, markets and distributes cleaning, maintenance, paper, cosmetics, toiletries and many other products. 

Sano hired Planit for smart scheduling. The planning tasks are created by Planit.  After the planning is executed, the work orders are generated to the production lines without further typing. 
The system serves as a major communication tool between the company’s planning departments and its operations and production work force while managing the inventory and logistics.

The project includes integration with a direct API to the Priority information system and Planit’s production planning module which was implemented by Planit’s professional services.

Gestlit Digital Printing is a leader in providing large-scale printing solutions to organizations, businesses and corporations. 

Gestlit Digital printing hired Planit for advanced planning and automatic scheduling solution of their complex printing/production process due to their multiple parameters and constrains.

The project includes integration with Bina (an ERP system) and was implemented by Planit’s professional services. The integration consists of retrieval and updates to the relevant ERP business objects, displays the expected loads on the production floor, thus enabling optimal decision making with regard to future orders.

Metalicone manufactures top-quality, high-precision machine parts for Semiconductors, Machine Tools, Aerospace, Defense, Digital Printing, and numerous other industries.

Metalicone hired Planit to integrate and implement advanced planning and automatic scheduling solutions to support and manage their complex manufacturing operations and processes.

The project ensures full integration using a direct API link to Priority ERP software.
Planning tasks are based on work orders as well as additional occasional tasks.
Planit is a major communication tool connecting the planning, operations, and production departments while controlling the inventory level of the procurement and logistics departments.

Politiv Co. is a leading manufacturer of an extensive range of smart films for agriculture and industry used for a wide array of applications.
Politiv hired Planit to integrate and implement advanced, automatic planning and to optimize scheduling.
The project ensures full integration using a direct API link to Priority ERP software.
The planning tasks are created by Planit and meet the highest standards in full compliance with our customers’ orders and specifications.
Once the final plan has been attained, Planit generates work orders for the production lines without requiring any further typing or handling.
Planit is the main communication tool connecting the company’s planning, operations, and production departments. It streamlines processes and helps to control the inventory level for the procurement and logistics departments as well.