Scheduling software for a variety of applications
A clear and aqurate plan will lead to operational efficiency
Decision making in a dynamic environment
Maximum flexibility within an orginized and secured data environment

About Planit

  • Scheduling software for production planning, distribution planning, workforce schedule and other applications.
  • User-friendly, with a variety of information views according to each customer’s needs.
  •  Has been successfully implemented in many productive factories in Israel and worldwide since 2002.
  •  Built-in connectivity for different information & ERP systems.
  •  A decision support system that can be adjusted to meet different planning needs.

Expected benefits

  • Improving efficiency and reducing production costs through accurate and detailed planning.
  •  Raising customer satisfaction by improving compliance with delivery times – OTD.
  •  Reduced planning time and efforts while quickly detecting exceptions and alerts.
  • Order and structural improvement within the information system by adjusting scheduling related data.
  •  Improved Internal communication achieved with transparency and understanding of mutual influences.
  • Decision making will become simpler while using the common planning portal.


Production Planning

Distribution Planning

Workforce Scheduling